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Crosstown Shootout Thread

At this point two things are clear about this game. 1) Xaiver is playing at a much higher level than UC is right now. That is not to say that the Muskies aren't without their flaws or that they aren't beatable for this Bearcat bunch. But they have faced a much more difficult schedule to date and have risen to the occasion, often spectacularly, in close games where the Bearcats have faltered down the stretch in games everyone expects them to win.

2) The Cincinnati Bearcats are a desperate team, or at least they should be today. Just facing the facts, and looking at the remaining schedule, this is UC's last best hope to pick a a quality non conference road win, and maybe the last chance for a quality out of conference win period (no offense Oklahoma). The Bearcats will get plenty more chances for quality wins in conference play. But the tournament resume could take a big hit today. UC played a bad OOC schedule this year, losing to the best team on that list, along with the other two losses to inferior competition, will take a shot gun to that resume.

These are desperate times, and this team better play with some fucking desperation, pardon my french. Game starts at 12:30 and will be televised on ESPN2. 700 WLW will have the broadcast. Drop on by and share your thoughts as the game progresses and above all Go Bearcats!