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What Happens During The First Real Test of a Season When You Failed Two Other Tests?

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When I first saw the schedule for this season I liked the Georgia game. I thought it came at a good time for UC. I knew that the dogs would be down a bit, but the going on the road for the first time with a slew of new comers I thought it would provide a stiff enough test to steel the reserve of the Bearcats before the litmus test that is the Crosstown Shootout. That's out the window, officially. I think that UC is better than Georgia with more talent and more experience on the front lines. But I am far beyond taking any particular game with these Bearcats for granted. I have no idea which UC team is going to show up. Not that the iteration actually matters, all the versions have been dreadful at times this year. Unfortunately I won't be able to watch the carnage unfold live, prior engagements and what not. Still feel free to converse amongst yourselves.

Go Bearcats