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Cincinnati Bearcats Win Big East Crown, Beat Connecticut 35-27

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Raise your hand if you thought at the beginning of the year that a Big East title would even be a remote possibility? Everyone with their hand up is a liar. What this team has done coming from the depths of the 4-8 season that shall not be mentioned has been pretty remarkable. The talent on the team was apparent even during the pre season, but no one had any idea if they could coalesce around Butch Jones. Three short months later the emphatic answer is yes. The injury to Zach Collaros was a bummer, and it looked like the trigger for another slide to close the season, turning the Bearcats into the a northern USF. This game wasn't a thing of beauty, far from it, it was a long hard, grinding kind of game. In short it was the kind of game that for years people thought that UC was incapable of winning. The final drive was a thing of ugly beauty, if that makes any sense to you. All year people have been trying to compare this group to the ones that came before them. Hopefully that can stop now. This group doesn't play like the 2008 or 2009 groups, and they certainly don't win like either of those teams. But they do win, which is all that matters to me. I love this team and I am happy that I am going to get another chance to watch them, in whatever bowl game they get placed in. But it is really going to suck saying goodbye to J.K. Schaffer, Derek Wolfe, John Hughes, Alex Hoffman, Isaiah Pead and last of all Zach Collaros.