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Madeira Offensive Tackle Kyle Williamson Pledges Bearcats

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The first offensive power player of this class is now in place. There have been a ton of message board speculation about who the next commit in the class of 2012 would be. It has been a long time and, admittedly there is not a ton to talk about. Now a month or so from the day that Jonathan Burt committed to the Bearcats there is an answer, and it is Kyle Williamson. For a while Williamson's only offers came from Akron and Youngstown State. That started to change as he picked up Pitt and Illinois offers just this week. But the big offer came Thursday, from UC and that was that. Williamson was officially a Bearcat. More info and some highlights after the jump.

Kyle Williamson

Offensive Lineman - 6'5" 275 - Madeira High School

Rivals - N/A
Scout - N/A
24/7 - 76 **

Williamson played tackle for the Mustangs, but in college he is going to be a guard or center all the way. I just don't think he has all the physical tools needed to combat the explosive edge rushers that proliferate at this level. Technically he has some work to do, but most of that is in the passing game. The requisite agility and quickness is there, but it doesn't look like he has ever really been taught how to pass set properly. Williamson reminds me an awful lot of Trevor Canfield. He just has that mean streak to him that Canfield had in spades.