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July 15th Jump Off

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Bearcat News

CBS Sports All-Access with UC Football and Head Coach Butch Jones
Here is the inside story that Coach Jones gave with his long-time friend and former WVU head coach Rich Rodriquez. It was a nice inside peek at the full video CBS will air later this year that gives outsiders a look at UC's facilities, the coaching offices, and even Coach Jones's own house. Rich Rod seemed to come away pretty impressed with all of it. College Football - Rivals at 10: Best two-star prospects
Check out Mardy making the list of the best two-star prospects in the last decade. We all know about his journey to the NFL but once he was on the football field, he really blossomed into one of the most dangerous players in college football when he got the ball in his hands. I think it also worked to his advantage that Brian Kelly and his spread offense were brought to UC as receivers have thrived in that system. He was always dangerous as a return man but that offense really allowed him to showcase his route running, separation, and ball handling skills. Looking back, it's surprising he was so under the radar coming out of high school.

Isler and Proctor Selected For GLCSL All-Star Game At GABP - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site
Congrats to Bearcats pitcher Zach Isler and outfielder Jake Proctor who played in the GLCSL All-Star Game last night downtown. Despite playing in summer leagues, the two were likely rusty as Proctor ended up going 0-2 with a couple of strikeouts and Isler gave up a hit and 2 walks pitching 1 inning in the closer's role. Both have been playing for the Cincinnati Steam this summer and have been putting up some encouraging numbers as the Bearcats prepare for the 2012 baseball season.

Around the BEast

Notre Dame says 7-year capital campaign raised $2B -
Huh, Notre Dame is swimming in cash. Who knew? Over 120,000 donors contributed to the campaign which means Notre Dame drew in about $16,000 per donor. Not only that, but they exceeded the campaign's goal by a loft $500 million. If only Cincinnati could tap their alunmi pool like they do. It seems like UC scrapes for every penny and dime in Cincinnati and it makes me crazy to read stories like this.

Will a Big East WR catch 100 passes? - Big East Blog - ESPN
Lot's of talk recently since WVU's Tavon Austin went running his mouth about how he thinks the Mountaineers could have a few receivers that surpass the 1,000-yard mark. This considering Dana Holgorsen's offense allows receivers to put up video game-like numbers. But, he also has a habit of putting receivers in a position to have 100 receptions in a season, something the Big East has never done. The Bearcats have come close the past few years with the incorporation of the spread but none have surpassed the mark. In 2011, I think the players that have the best shot at passing 100 receptions are Tavon Austin, D.J. Woods (provided he actually hangs on to the ball), Mark Harrison, Mohamed Sanu, and Mike Shanahan.

Around the Nation

Real Tweets From Real People - Chris Berman And The Home Run Derby | July
There are few things that I truly hate in this world- Chicago Cubs fans, Onions, and Chris Berman. His consistent regurgitation of certain catchphrases like 'tick-tick-tick-tick-tick' during a two-minute offense, 'back back back' during the Home Run Derby, and his continuous reminder that his nickname is the 'Swami', whatever the hell that means. I don't think I've ever read about more people turning the Home Run Derby on mute since Berman took over as primary announcer simply because he is that horrible to listen to. Just take a look for yourselves! These aren't just random tweets. Some are from other announcers, like Cincinnati's Lance McAlister and Tim McCarver, who was calling the All-Star game the next day!

Georgia Tech will vacate 2009 ACC title -
Out of all the schools in college football, Georgia Tech was definitely near the bottom of my list to receive punishment from the NCAA for breaking the rules. The school really is an engineering gem of the South so this really surprised me. Of course, these penalities don't mean anything to the Yellow Jackets players who have already graduated as the school was only forced to vacate its 2009 ACC Championship win. Even with the 4 years probation, the punishment is essentially a slap on the wrist.