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August 15th Jump Off

The final five have been revealed in the Down the Drive Ring of Honor voting. You have until the season opener against Austin Peay to vote.

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Training Camp Videos

Fall Camp 2011: Ready To Go - I will say this, the team does look bigger this year

Moving Out to Higher Ground - Eck. I thought the hokey gimmicks were over

Training Camp 2011: Tim Banks - He's loving the defense right now. That means I love the defense right now.

Training Camp 2011: Off to Work - Amazing beards have made their way to Cincinnati's camp.

Training Camp 2011: Butch Jones Interview
Tommy G caught up with Coach Butch Jones at fall practice one at Camp Higher Ground in Indiana. Also, for the ladies, D.J. Woods walking around shirtless.

Bearcat News

Camp: Butch Jones Q&A Day 5
It's day 5 of fall training camp and the team has transitions from shells to full pads. That means full hitting. That means REAL football. We're getting closer and closer to the start of the season and Coach Jones once again took the time to enlighten us a bit on the progress of the Bearcats. It seems like the defense, naturally, is ahead of the offense. This isn't surprising but not necessarily a game changer as the front four on the D-Line are all experienced vets and the O-Line from left to right is in general inexperienced. - Ranking UC Receivers: Top Ten Route Runners
Andrew Force ranked the Bearcats receiving corp by their route running abilities which is very important to know because about a third of the battle to be a great receiver is to run routes crisply and cleanly. A couple of thoughts, D.J. Woods taking the top spot isn't surprising. At the #2 spot is Bruce Horner, who is a name you wouldn't have expected to rise near the top of this list. Somewhat discouraging are the facts that Kenbrell Thompkins, supposedly the starting X or Z receiver, came it at #8 but that could be attributed to his nagging injuries this offseason. Also, Shaq Washington and Dyjuan Lewis didn't make the list, two guys who are expected to see tons of playing time in 2011. Also, as far as incoming freshman news, it looks like Ralph David Abernathy IV, a running back in high school, is running with the receivers in the slot. This isn't too surprising as there's a logjam at runningback behind Isaiah Pead and Ralph's scatback abilities could be better used in the slot.

Photo Diary: Fall Camp photos
Bearcat Report (the Rivals site) took some pictures from the team's fall camp at Nippert Stadium before they left for higher ground.

Around the BEast

Report: Texas A&M is leaving the Big 12 to join to SEC and three more schools may follow suit - College Football News | FOX Sports on MSN
Huge implications for the Big East as this whole Tex-AM to the SEC appears to have some serious legs. If this occurs I think it could be very GOOD for the Big East. The easy response to any kind of expansion news is that the Big East is going to get decimated. It didn't happen last year and I don't think it happens this time around. Ideally, I'd like to see the 9 Big East schools split and get rolled up under the Big XII name with Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Kansas, Kansas State, and Iowa State to form a 14 team conference with Dan Beebe as the commish (Sorry, Marinatto). That would be one hell of a conference and garner a huge media deal in 2013 and beyond.

Around the Nation

SEC satisfied with current alignment, doesn't extend invite to Texas A&M - ESPN
Well Tex-AM can't get into the SEC without an invite and it looks like that's exactly what happened. The key words in this article are 'for now'. I'm not sure if Tex-AM overplayed their hand by moving so quickly to outright proclaim that they want in the SEC. It's been rumored for years that they've expressed interest but they never seemed so serious about it until the past couple of weeks. An SEC-Tex-AM deal would be good for both sides so I think eventually this gets done, just not only 2013 at least.

MIZZOUEXPANSIONAPALOOZA™ 2011: Boy, That Escalated Quickly - Rock M Nation
Here's Missouri's look at how this new round of conference expansion will fall out. I hold Missouri's athletic programs in high regard and think they'll end up winners when the dust settles. Ideally I'd like to see Missouri in the Big East but I think they're aiming higher than that. It was last year that it was rumored that they were pushing hard for an invite from the Big Ten. It of course went to Nebraska. Now it seems like the Tigers might join Tex-AM in the SEC which would expand that conference's reach both West and Northwest. It would be a win-win for all parties involved.

'Friday Night Lights': Coach Taylor's hidden farewell speech | Inside TV |
If you're a fan of Friday Night Lights or at least appreciate how deep the characters were, and how loyal its fans are, this is the article for you. Clear heads. Full Hearts.