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August 16th Jump Off

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Training Camp videos

Training Camp: Full Pads - This is getting me really really excited for live football

Training Camp: Bearcat Linebackers - These guys should be much improved this season

Training Camp 2011: Mike Mickens Interview
Tommy G catching up with graduate assistant Mike Mickens. Even spending 5 minutes with him will make any DB better and I'm sure the young DBs are absorbing as much as they can. Also don't forget to vote for him in the Down the Drive Ring of Honor. He could use some more votes.

Bearcats News

Camp: Butch Jones Q&A Day 7
Some training camp updates right from Butch Jones. He seems pleased at his offensive line's improvement so far in camp but understands that depth is a concern. This unit wasn't managed well last year, I thought, and if they start moving players around this year like they did last a week before game 1, I'm going to go crazy. Also, Walter Stewart is continuing to impress and should have a big fall.

Collaros Wants Wins, Not Awards
I've said hundreds of times how Zach Collaros is one of the most humble guys you will ever meet. He's very soft spoken and will constantly share praises of his teammates at every opportunity. He's a really good quarterback and has been named to a lot of preseason awards but, to him, that doesn't really matter. He wants wins. Before the 2010 season, he hadn't lost a game he started since before high school. That speaks to his competitiveness and work ethic. I think Zach has a big fall this year and give himself a solid shot at winning some of those awards. But, to him, he really couldn't care less as long as the team is winning.

The 5 Most Overrated and Underrated Teams of the Last 5 Years
Cincinnati getting some love on this ranking as they were slotted at #2 among the most underrated teams from 2006 - 2010. They have some good company on that list in former non-AQ powerhouses TCU and Utah with always solid Boise State taking the top spot. For Cincinnati, this makes sense as during those years most of the media wrote them off during the preseason. In 2009, for example, UC was returning an Orange Bowl squad and wasn't even ranked before the season. To shut the skeptics up, they absolutely dismantled Rutgers 47 - 15 on the opening weekend. We all know the rest of the story.

Arkeilpane Named Interim AD
As most of us expected Bob Arkeilpane was named the new Cincinnati athletic director to replace Mike Thomas, but only on an interim basis. Nothing against Arkeilpane but I hope against hope that he isn't hired on full time and that President Williams conducts a nationwide search for an AD that is both a fund raiser and an ACTIVE representative of UC in the community.


Colerain safety Andre Jones ready for his senior year | High School Sports Blog
Great interview with Cincinnati-bound Colerainsafety Andre Jones about their game with Cocoa High School (Fl.) the reigning 2A state champions. This is an absolutely huge matchup as these two are powerhouse high school programs in their respective states. We all know about Colerain's history but Cocoa has won 38 straight games and won three consecutive 2A state titles. Andre Smith couldn't be happier to try to knock them off their perch and if any team is going to do it, it's Colerain that is returning one of the best defenses in the nation.

Around the BEast

Syracuse's plague of injuries continues -
If anyone knows anything about preseason injuries it's the Bearcats. Last season never started off on the right foot as Solomon Tentman was lost to an ACL tear during the first week of fall practice. He was expected to play as a true freshman and his injury only added to the depth problem at linebacker last year. Syracuse probably has better depth in 2011 than the Bearcats had in 2010 but it will be interesting to see how this plays out over the course of the season as injuries always have a way of manifesting themselves later in the season.

Around the Nation College Football - BYU addition alters independent status
I just saw the name Bob Diaco as the Best Defensive Coordinator among the Independent schools and decided that this ranking lost all credibility. The guy gave up 45 points to freaking UConn in 2009 after the offense put up a huge lead. Thank goodness the Brian Kelly offense at Cincinnati was an unstoppable passing machine that year so they were able to score 47 points and win the game. In my opinion, if Diaco is going to win any awards or accolades for his defense it's going to be because he has tons of talent at Notre Dame. Having better players than the other team will almost always hide deficiencies.

Bears refuse to bend to new kickoff rule, told by league to stop mid-game - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
It's not surprising that the Bears were among the six teams voting against the new NFL rule to move the kickoff yard line up to 35 from 30. This would greatly increase the amount of touchbacks and all but eliminate kick off returns. Well half the Bears scoring is due to kick returns and in their preseason game against the Bills last week Lovie Smith set up the kicker at the 30-yard line and kicked off from there anyways. Way to stick it to the NFL.