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Tony Miliano Named Cincinnati Bearcats Starting Kicker

Tony Milano a walk on kicker from Elder High School has been announced as the starting kicker for next weekends Austin Peay game. Butch Jones made the announcement this afternoon as expected. This quote comes from Thursday of this week.

Jones said he will name the kicker for the Austin Peay game on Saturday when the Bearcats return after a day off for a light practice. Tony Miliano and Shane Popham are the two primary candidates.

Thanks for playing Shane Popham. That's not to say that this is an open and shut situation. The execution of PAT's and Field Goals still is, and will remain, a going concern. Jake Rodgers developed into a rock solid and dependable kicker over his four years as a starter. But the only word to describe his early days as a starter would be tumultuous. I have faith in Milano, but there are nothing is a given in the kicking game and the competition could heat up once again.