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Cincinnati Bearcats Release Depth Chart For Austin Peay Contest

The first depth chart of the 2011 season has been released in this weeks game notes. There are no real shockers to me, but there are a couple of surprises, big surprises at that.
  • Evan Davis is still listed as a starter at center. But there is just no way he hangs on to that job unless he made some stunning strides in the weight room this off season. For the record I have heard nary a whisper that any of that is the case.
  • Austen Bujnoch and Andre Cureton comprise the only "- or -" among starting position.
  • Blake Annen will draw the start at TE after a phenomenal off season
  • Munchie Legaux is listed behind Zach Collaros at QB. So much for waiting for Friday to announce his decision
  • The starting WR trio will be Anthony McClung, D.J. Woods and Kenbrell Thompkins. The backups will be Shaq Washington, Orion Woodard and Alex Chisum respectively. No Dyjuan Lewis to be found, though he will almost certainly play.
  • George Winn is officially the backup to Isaiah Pead. Akise Teague and Jameel Poteat are nowhere to be found. Poteat will play, and I suspect Teague will play, if healthy.
  • Clemente Casseus is a walk on freshman, but he blew everyone in camp away and is listed as Maalik Bomar's backup.
  • Ben Booler draws the start at strong side LB. Nick Temple is his backup.
  • In the most disheartening news of the day Drew Frey and Wesley Richardson are somehow still starting. This can only end badly.
  • Ralph David Abernathy IV is the starting returner on kickoffs. Pead and Woods are co starters for the punt return job
The entire Depth Chart is posted below.


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