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Tennessee Volunteers 45 Cincinnati Bearcats 23 Kneejerk Reaction

This is not going to be anything that goes deep into the minutia of this game and what transpired therein. That time will come, most likely tomorrow. Obviously this game did not go to plan. Before I get to the rest of the game I want to make the a very important point up front. Tennessee had 11 offensive possessions, UC had 10 that extra possession was courtesy of the onside kick. And it has to be said that Derek Dooley's decision was a brilliant one, and one that was made in film study. On kickoffs UC has just 4 guys on the front line and the two center guys start 5 yards off the line of scrimmage. So instead of the kicker having basically a yard to make the recovery he had five. Well scouted, well called and executed perfectly. Anyways so Tennessee had an extra possession. The other plays that turned the game permanently in the Vols favor were the decisions to go for it on 4th down. I am going to expound on the 4th down calls in another post to follow. For now I am just going to say that it didn't work and those were basically turnovers. In essence Tennessee forced 2 turnovers and got a free possession. Those three turnovers were converted one and all into Tennessee touchdowns. UC forced two Vols turnovers but converted just one of those into a score. That was the Lions share of the 22 point margin. That's the reason UC lost this game. More to come shortly.