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Tennessee Volunteers 45 Cincinnati Bearcats 23: Boxscorin


This is the time where we break down the box score for the Bearcats game of the week highlighting the hidden yardage and other generally overlooked aspects of the game of the week.

Offensive Numbers


Rush Yards Rush Attempts Pass Yards Pass Attempts Total Yards Total Plays
166 24 230 36 396 60
  • That tots out to 6.6 yards per snap. As a general rule anything above 6 is excellent. Though in single games you can always find some weird shit.
  • Zach Collaros didn't have what I would describe as a vintage game but he was effective completing just over 60 per cent of his passes. But he made good decisions, particularly when under duress. All in all he handled a very complex defensive scheme admirably.
  • Isaiah Pead was godlike.
  • D.J Woods had 111 yards on 9 catches. No one else had more than 5
  • The Offensive Line played well enough to win. Hard to complain about 6.6 yards per carry and just 2 TFL's allowed. Two sacks were allowed on the night which obviously isn't great. But for those who were expecting the worst from this group it might be time to step off the ledge. 
  • 5 of 13 Converting 3rd Downs
  • Pass targeting
Player Targets Receptions
D.J. Woods 9 9
Anthony McClung 9 5
Kenbrell Thompkins 7 4
Isaiah Pead 4 2
Shaq Washington 2 0
Adrien Robinson 1 1

Defensive Numbers

Rush Yards Rush Attempts Pass Yards Pass Attempts Total Yards Total Plays
126 35 405 41 531 76
  • No point in sugar coating it 6.9 yards per snap is terrible for a defense.
  • Tennessee really couldn't run. Not really, just 125 yards on the ground and just 3.6 per rush. That is solid, solid stuff.
  • Tauren Poole did go for 101, but he is a stud of a back.
  • 7 TFL's on 35 attempts is really good. Zero sacks on 41 pass attempts is not. Not at all.

OK now that we have covered the good defensive news let hit the bad.

  • The Vols averaged 12.9 yards per attempt and Tyler Bray wasn't the least bit bothered by anything the Bearcats showed defensively.
  • Justin Hunter and Da'Rick both went for 10 catches. Hunter had 156 and a TD Rogers had 100 and 2 TD's
  • Bray was hurried just once all game and it showed.
  • The Bearcats set up exactly as I expected them to. The scheme asked Bray to be paitent and beat the defense working underneath. He obliged. With Feeling. 

Special Teams

  • Pat O'Donnell averaged 42 yards per punt with a long of 51 and 1 downed inside the 20
  • Nothing at all from the return game. Just 17 yards per kick return with a long of 23 
  • Tony Miliano went 1 of 2 making from 23 and having a 47 yard attempt blocked

More on this game tomorrow where I will merrily throw Drew Frey and Kerry Coombs deservedly under a bus. So look forward to that.