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Greg Blair Declared Eligible By The NCAA; Reports to Cincinnati Today

A few members of the Bearcats recruiting class of 2011 had trouble getting past the NCAA clearinghouse this summer. Greg Blair, Demetrius Alston and Rodriguez Coleman all had their transscripts singled out for added clearinghouse scrutiny. Coleman and Alston were ended up being rejected. Alston is currently at Hutchinson Community College in the middle of no where Kansas. My understanding is that Coleman is at a prep school shoring up his transcript. Which prep school you might ask? I have no idea is the honest reply. Blair was always going to be eligible in the end. The academic staff at UC aren't exactly morons, and I doubt UC would have extended a scholarship so long after signing day if his academics weren't in order.

But as I detailed in his introductory post Blair's transcript includes an awful lot of stops. Accordingly I took some time for the NCAA to sort things out. So Blair is eligible and he is back on campus today. I very much doubt that he practiced today, or that he will play in the Akron game either. But his eligibility is a major boon to depth at the linebacker position and should help on special teams as well.


Rod Coleman is at Garden City Community College in Garden City, Kansas. Thanks Google