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Cincinnati Bearcats 44 N.C. State Wolfpack 14

That was a good old fashioned ass kicking right there. This was a vintage UC performance, the kind of game we as fans when Butch Jones took over the job in December of 2009. This is also a great game for the coaches because while the performance was good. But it wasn't perfect. The running game was solid and methodical, but there wasn't exactly an abundance of big plays. Isaiah Pead had over 160 yards rushing, but it was the quietest game for Pead this year. Even Pead, the consumate home run hitter, just ground out 5 yard run after 5 yard run. The Defensive Line dominated in a way that was eerily reminiscent of the 2008 crew. But for all the good there was more than enough bad for the coaching staff to make a few points heading into the Battle for the Bell. Zach Collaros threw his first pick of the season. It should have been two, but State bailed him out with a dropped INT. The secondary played great....except for two plays which went for 150 yards and two TD's against busted coverages. Bottom line, everyone should feel much better going forward because this team finally showed signs of being greater than the sum of their parts.