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September 29th Jump Off

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Miami Week

GAME NOTES: Miami vs. UC //

Coach doesn’t think ’Hawks in the ‘tank’ //

Bearcats Need to Axe the Bubble Screen | Bearcats Nation
Former Down The Drive editor Chris Bains has a though provoking critique of the play action bubble screen which is a staple of the UC offense. He says it should go. Later on today I will explain why the play serves its function within the greater confines of the offense. If you are a Football nerd DTD is the place to be this week. If you are not I apologize for the inconvenience.

UC Ticket Allotment to Miami Sold Out //

Riding Pead to the promised land // UC Athletics Blog

UC needs a road win // UC Athletics Blog

Lineman steps up in various positions // Dayton Daily News

Other Bearcat News

Bearcats and Musketeers Play to 1-1 Draw //
And Xavier still has never won at UC

Conference Expansion

BCS football: Big 12 expansion options (Boise State, BYU), Missouri to the SEC (?) and more on realignment | College Hotline
Things aren't looking great for UC's long term Football future.

Around The Big East

Big East presidents will meet this weekend to discuss future // ESPN

Reading This Will Make You Smarter

A History Of Violence Edge Master Class 2011 // Conversation // Edge
This is really fascinating if you have anything resembling a passing interest in history