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September 8th Jump Off

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Tennessee Week

Coombs: Vols will test UC secondary | UC Athletics Blog

Bearcats Nation vs. ESPN Big East Blog Week 1

Props to the UC Student Section | Bearcat Nation

Tuesdays with Butch: Tennessee

Marlin Lane not pretty, just successful running the ball " GoVolsXtra

Justin Coleman not dwelling on freshman mistake " GoVolsXtra

University of Tennessee Athletics: Football

Other Bearcat News

Cincinnati Off the Mainland for Verizon Volleyball Challenge in Hawai'i - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site

Home-Schooled Albert Succeeding In Classroom, On Field - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site
This is a pretty cool story

Around The Big East

College Football Rankings: USF Comes in at #21 In BlogPoll - Voodoo Five

Rutgers football 2011 season preview: offensive line - On the Banks
The message? There is hope for the Rutgers offensive line. They better be.

Conference Expansion: Oliver Luck Is Apparently The Big East Commissioner Now - Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician

2011 Big East Positive Impact Factor: Week One - Big East Coast Bias

Nationally Recognized


Texas A&M ‘being held hostage’ by the Big 12, and its fate may rest in Oklahoma’s hands - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog - Yahoo! Sports

Expansion madness! - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN

What If Everything Worked Like The BCS: The Spelling Bee - Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician

Reading This Will Make You Smarter

Tommy Tomlinson: Do the games we watch have the power to help us heal? - ESPN