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Cininnati Bearcats Links Jump Off | UConn Gameday

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It's gameday people. The Bearcats kick off a brutal three game stretch tonight at Connecticut. These aren't make or break game for the Bearcats. But getting 1 or 2 wins from this stretch of games will make another year in the tournament a borderline assumption.

UConn Game

UC's Cheikh Mbobj limited in first year //

But with more than half of the 2011-12 season in the books, Mbodj is still waiting to show UC fans what he can do. A high right ankle sprain forced him to miss the season’s first three games. Then he was suspended for six games for fighting during the Xavier game

I feel ashamed, but I kinda lost track of just how many knocks Mbodj has picked up this season.

What UConn will miss from Ryan Boatright // The UConn Blog
A detailed statistical look of what the Huskies are going without tonight

Cincinnati At UConn Men: Cincinnati In Storrs To Play UConn Men //
These stories are verging on the ubiquitous at the moment. Here is a UConn centric slant

Capsule: Cincinnati at No. 13 UConn //

Cincinnati Travels to No. 13/11 Connecticut on Wednesday //
A primer on tonight's big match up in Storrs

Other Bearcat News

Talking with the Voice of the Bearcats Dan Hoard // Bearcats Blog
Major coupe for Scott here

Episode 7: Inside the Bearcats Podcast // Paul Dehner
Dan Hoard bordering on overexposure here on this mornings jump off

Second Annual Playdate With The Bearcats Set For Feb. 12 - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site

Mitch's Mission along with the University of Cincinnati football team will play host to a Second Annual Playdate With The Bearcats on Sunday, Feb 12, 2012 from 2-5 p.m. at UC's Campus Recreation and Wellness Center. The fundraiser will benefit pediatric cancer and blood disease patients at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

This is a really cool event that the Bearcats Football program has been apart of since it started last year. If you have kids, or grandkids as the case may be, definitely take on look into this.

Nationally Regarded

Charles P. Pierce on the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos divisional playoff game - Grantland

For years now, the undeniable fact about the National Football League has been that the whole operation is grimly determined to combine the unpredictability of an Amway seminar with the giddy good humor of the North Korean army. This problem has grown especially acute under the recent stewardship of Commissioner Roger Goodell, who seems to imagine himself on a balcony in Buenos Aires, tossing money to the peasants. There was a time, and not so long ago, when the NFL was full to its gunwales with entertaining miscreants of all varieties. Then the Collective assimilated the American Football League, and the steady march toward corporate sports nirvana — i.e., authoritarian tedium on which you can bet — went to the double-quick. Which is why all those people who spend so much time complaining about the No Fun League should embrace Bill Belichick, because Bill Belichick is the NFL's last real anarchist.

Now that's a paragraph that reminds me as gently as a sledgehammer to the groin that I am not that good at writing.

Gunner Kiel De-Commits From LSU: Gives Idiots A Reason To Be Idiots
Title says it all. It really does