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West Virginia 77 Cincinnati Bearcats 74 | So This Is Being Morgantown'd

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I don't give a shit about Kevin Jones and his should have been technical. Did the refs blow it? Yes. Should it have been a tech? Yes. But the Bearcats shouldn't have let the game get to the point where something like that matters. Poor execution in half court defense killed UC all day. Kevin Jones and Deniz Kilicli eviscerated the defense, be it man or zone with great passing and off ball cutting. That is the biggest reason why UC lost.

The refs played their part, blowing a ton of calls but if I can paraphrase Jimmy Johnson here you can't let the game come down to the refs when you are playing in Morgantown. There is a long a proud history of teams getting robbed of games in Morgantown, right Louisville? More disappointed that the game came down to so many fluky bounces of the ball that went West Virginia's way. Im over it, lets move on to Cuse.

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