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Sean Kilpatrick Injured In West Virginia Game; Status Uncertain For Syracuse

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Losing to West Virginia in the manner and fashion in which it took place is obviously a big enough blow. The Bearcats had the game there for the taking and in a most uncharacteristic development failed to latch onto it like a Grizzly Bear in a Salmon run. But the bigger loss could be Sean Kilpatrick who was not on the floor at the end of the game due to an unknown injury.

Yikes. From bad news department, Mick just said SK is hurt.


Cronin: "My concern right now is SK. He is hurt. Not sure how bad. But we'll find out. We got to get him back healthy."

Both of those bits of news come from Paul Dehner's coverage of the post game press conference via his twitter feed. Chances are since you are reading this blog you know just how important Kilatrick is to the Bearcats team. The hope would be that Kila is 100 per cent good to go for Cuse. The odds of that actually happening? Your guess is as good as mine.

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