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Syracuse 60 Cincinnati Bearcats 53 | The Difference Between Great and Really Good

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Member blackcattitude summed up my thoughts on this game in the gamethread right after Scoop Jardine hit his dagger to essentially end the game.

I couldn't agree me with that assesment. The Bearcats had control of this game for a while there in the second half but around the 10 minute mark Syracuse put together a run that slowly and methodically inched their way to a lead that they never relinquished. Syracuse is a great team. Simply are. They come at you in waves and have a bench with guys who would start for almost any other team in the conference. They are a tough, tough team to beat. Notre Dame did it, but they played basically perfect basketball for 40 minutes. The bearcats played well enough to win for 30 minutes, but Cuse just had too much down the stretch. There will be more coverage of this game tomorrow. But for now lets all lick our wounds and get ready for Rutgers on Saturday. As always

Go Bearcats!