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JUCO Running Back Aaron Harris Issues Cincinnati Commitment

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The show that Isaiah Pead just put on at the Senior Bowl illustrates the hole that the Bearcats are attempting to fill at the running back position in 2012. The 2012 Bearcats are going to have a ton of young talent at the running back position. Akise Teague, Ralph Abernathy IV and Jameel Poteat are all going to be entering their second year's in the program, and their first in a strength and conditioning program. On top of those guys there are Deionte Buckley (an early enrollee) Dennis Norfleet and Ti'on Green and it looks crowded. But the big thing is that for all the talent these are still really young guys. The only scholarship back with meaningful experience is George Winn. There is a need, not a particularly acute one mind you, but a need for a seasoned back to come and help Winn bridge the gap. That's where Harris fits in. Harris has a similar style to Pead. It's one cut and go. He doesn't do a lot of dancing in the hole. Harris will have two years to play two seasons because he red shirted in 2010 due to a shoulder (I think) injury. With this commitment the running back position is officially crowded.

Welcome to Bearcat Nation Aaron