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Cincinnati Bearcats Link Jump Off | January 6th

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Cronin: ‘Don’t vote for Cincinnati’ // UC Athletics Blog

"Me personally I like not being ranked," Kilpatrick said. "It makes me madder and more angry to the point where it’s like, you know what, if you’re not going to rank us now, then who’s going to respect us, so just keep working and keep winning."

I think that the Bearcats still have work to do. But there is a massive chance for respect against Georgetown

The Morning After: UC 71, Notre Dame 55 // Paul Dehner
Speaking of Xavier

They do a fine job of tackling the issue, so I won't go too much farther. However, I will say this: I've never seen one event change two teams so dramatically. I've been covering sports professionally for eight years and watching them closely my whole life. I've never seen anything like it.

No one has.

5 questions with Bearcats Blog (St. John's/ CIN pregame) // Rumble In The Garden


Salute to the Cincinnati seniors - Big East Blog - ESPN

He [J.K. Schaffer] mentioned experience; having a second year in the system; being better at limiting third-down conversions; being better at limiting big plays; and leadership. Being the really smart person that I am, I continued to doubt. But as usual, the Bearcats proved not only me but everybody else wrong this season. Cincinnati hit each and every one of Schaffer's points in a major way, a big reason why the Bearcats won a share of their third Big East championship in the past four seasons. Not only that, Cincinnati reached 10 wins for the fourth time in the past five seasons.

The leadership of these seniors is going to be really hard to replace. The talent level continues to rise, but talent alone does not win games. Leadership and chemistry are hard to account for, they are things that come only with time and copious quantities of experience.

Trolling For Laughs

Xavier Student Section Banned // Banners On The Parkway

Ideas Other People Thought Of That Possess Me Of Extreme Jealously

Ballin' is a Habit: #BIAHRoadTrip The Diary, Part I: What you can expect, and the lost inverter
This is a phenomenal idea, and something that you should check up on daily. Not jealous at all. Not even a little bit.