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St. Johns 57 Cincinnati Bearcats 55 | Poor Shooting Leads To Loss

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This was an abonination of a game. I don't really know what it is, but every single time that Saint Johns and the Bearcats hook up the end result is a terrible game to watch with a score in the mid 50's and a thousand random caroms the Basketball wind up being the margin. It has happened before, it just happened again.

The Bearcats were caught unawares in this game. I don't know if they were looking ahead to Monday's game against Georgetown or if everyone was hungover. But outside of Sean Kilpatrick no Bearcat was well and truly ready to go against the Johnies. The Bearcats got nothing from Jaquan Parker, and nothing at all from Dion Dixon. Cashmere Wright played a whole two minutes of good Basketball today. The Bearcats are now a jump shooting team, and anyone who watches Basketball should know the tradeoff that entails. If the shots don't go down, and for the most part they didn't today, its going to be hard to win. I am inclined to view this game as a fluke one off occurrence rather than a harbinger of bad things to come, which has been a visceral reaction from some quarters. Still I am ready to put this one to bed and move on to the Georgetown game against a Hoyas team which just went down by 12 on the road to West Virginia.