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Bearcats Look To Bounce Back On The Road At Georgetown

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Calling Saturday's outing against St. John's dispiriting is a massive, massive under statement. Depressing is nearer the mark. Other than Sean Kilpatrick it truely seemed like no one was ready to play. It is a cliche, but the Bearcats can't bring the same effort and have any hope of winning on the road against one of the top 15 teams in the country, and one of the top 4 in the Big East. The game is being boradcast on 700 WLW and televised on ESPNU or ESPN3, in case you don't have ESPNU. Or in my case if you are watching the National Championship with one TV and the Bearcats game with the lap top. Game tips in an hour (more or less).

As always lets go Bearcats

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