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Cincinnati Bearcats 68 #11 Georgetown Hoyas 64 | Welcome To The Unfathomable

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It is really, really hard to make sense of this game. It was simply unbelievable that the Bearcats were in a position to steal that game at the end. Lets detail the reasons who the Bearcats should not have won this game.

  • The Bearcats got practically nothing from Cashmere Wright who has no showed two straight games. It's to the point where I am 95 per cent convinced that the Cash who has played these last two games is nothing more than a zombie who happens to wear number one
  • Georgetown shot 59 per cent from the field. Cincinnati shot 46 per cent. And won by four points.
  • Georgetown was +6 in rebounding and repeatedly killed UC's defense with second chance points.
  • The Bearcats had 7 assists against 8 turnovers. This coming off a stretch where the Cats were averaging 17 assists per game
  • Jaquon Parker was an non factor at either end.
  • Ge'Lawn Guyn got knocked out of the game with what looks like a concussion

I could continue in the same vein but the point has been made. I hope. Cincinnati won tonight because Sean Kilpatrick and Dion Dixon took this team on their backs and wouldn't let them lose. Kila and Dixon scored 49 of the Bearcats 68 points. Kila brought them back into the game, Dion Dixon closed it out and in the process the Bearcats discovered yet another way to win games. I love this team. You should too. Get your tickets for the Villanova game now.

Go Bearcats!