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Syracuse Post-Standard Ranks Big East Basketball

The Syracuse Post-Standard polled Big East writers for a Pre Season look at the conference standings. The Cincinnati Bearcats are near the top once again.

Don McPeak-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Syracuse Post-Standard polled a selection of 15 writers covering Big East schools for a pre season poll. Keep in mind that this is not the official Big East sponsored poll.

1. Louisville 15 (15 1st-place votes)
2. Syracuse 33
3. Notre Dame 49
4. Cincinnati 63
5. Pittsburgh 78
6. Georgetown 97
7. Marquette 109
8. South Florida 123
9. Connecticut 159
10. St. John's 163
11. Rutgers 167
12. Villanova 171
13. Providence 176
14. Seton Hall 188
15. DePaul 209

As you can see the Bearcats are projected 4th in the conference, which seems a bit right. Louisville and Syracuse are clearly at the top, and there is a bit of a gap in the hierarchy between Cuse and Louisville in the rest. The Bearcats are a team that can challenge those top two without a doubt.

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