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Today in Wildly Optimistic Statements; Munchie Legaux Better Than Teddy Bridgewater

Munchie Legaux does not want for confidence, even when the available evidence is not quite there.


This is what Munchie Legaux had to say about Teddy Bridgewater.

"He's a pretty good player," Legaux said. "He makes a lot of plays for those guys. His passing efficiency is really high. He takes care of the football. He's the team leader so he's a pretty good quarterback."

Very well done Munchie, way to take the high road. Wait. Someone asked you another question? Wait someone asked you who was better, you or Bridgewater? This is not going to end well....

"I’m better. We’ll see Friday night."

What the.....

Two things, that is the dumbest question you can possibly ask an athlete, regardless of age, ability, performance anything. The response never changes, an athlete, particularly one who competes at a high level is, more or less, contractually obligated to believe he is better than anyone else, even if its not true.

Have you ever heard of Robert Dee? Dee is a professional tennis player, sort of. He has his tour card, and plays in professional tournaments. At the beginning of his career he struggled, badly, losing his first 54 pro matches, in straight sets. That led to the Daily Telegraph to label him the "Worlds Worst tennis player." Dee sued* the Telegraph for libel and maintains that he is not the worlds worst tennis player, despite overwhelming evidence. For a while his earnings from accusing dozens of publications vastly exceed his earnings from, you know, playing tennis. Long anecdote short you ask an athlete to defend his ability's/performance and that athlete will defend himself, vigorously.

* For the record the Telegraph contested the case. In the end Dee's claim was struck down and he was told, by a magistrate, that he was the worst tennis player in the world, which must have sucked.

That question is just another way for journalists to peddle sensationalist bullshit of the lowest order. Whoever asked the question just guaranteed that one storyline is going to dominate the narrative of this game. It's going to be Munchie vs. Teddy splashed across headlines throughout the tri-state. I'm sure that this will sell a lot of newspapers, oh wait, NOTHING sells newspapers anymore, so whats the point of this sensationalist bent that every media member in Cincinnati seems to possess in excess?

As for what actually Munchie said, I am fine with it. Objectively, statistically Munchie is not a better QB than Teddy Bridgewater. But the fact that he still has that confidence and belief in himself is a good thing in my book. Its impossible to play QB without confidence, and given the choice between having too much and having too little, give me too much, always.