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Cincinnati Bearcats Defend The Keg Of Nails Against #16 Louisville

With the halfway point of the season the Bearcats stand at 5-1, courtesy of a disheartening loss to Toledo. But larger prizes are still in play for the Bearcats. UC has a realistic shot at Big East crown number four and BCS bowl number three. But the road to both goals starts, in earnest, tonight


The Louisville Cardinals are off to an undefeated start, true. They are ranked 16th in the country. They have, perhaps, the best young quarterback in the country in Teddy Bridgewater. But this Louisville team is thoroughly beatable. Partly because their defense is not that great, but more because they are still an exceptionally young team.

The immaturity of young players manifests itself in all sorts of weird ways. For the Bearcats, a team every bit as young as Louisville in terms of roster composition, its slow starts which have become endemic. For Louisville they don't put teams away. The Cardinals have won their last five games, on average, by less than 6 points.

The Bearcats are the kind of team that is built to go on the road and win these kind of games. UC runs the ball, plays good special teams and defense. Those are the attributes needed to go into a place like Papa John's, in conditions like tonight's and get the win. UC is imminently capible of winning the game tonight. So settle in, it should be a wild one tonight. But then again isn't it always a wild one in this game?

Viva La Bearcats!

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