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Bearcats Roll To Exibition Romp Over Grand Valley State

I had to work last night which severely cut down on my time that could be spent watching this game live. Thankfully archived the game, and It was exactly what you would expect to happen when a top 25 team hosts a Division II school. A rather comfortable route of a team that has quality, but not enough talent to keep up.

The game was never really in doubt, though the Lakeres did manage to keep in interesting in the first half with some quality shooting and excellent ball movement. But in the end it was too much Sean Kilpatrick, Cashmere Wright and JaQuon Parker. All three went over a dozen points with Kila leading the way with 18.

The stats in these games are, more or less, irrelevant. They have no bearing on how the season will pan out or really. What these games are good for is getting a glimpse of the players as individuals, both in terms of their games and their athletic evolution.

Three guys jumped out to me in this respect. Kila went to work over the summer, and it showed. Physically he is leaner, but he kept his strength, which has always been his best attribute. On top of that he has clearly been working on his mid range game, and his handle. He is going to be a nightmare to defend this year, for anyone.

Cheikh Mbodj has lost a lot of weight, and that has been the story for him. He looks like a completely different player, his range and mobility are dramatically improved compared to last year. I am still not entirely sure that I trust Mbodj, but I don't think he will be a liability as he was a times last year.

Speaking of range and mobility, David Nyarsuk is a game changer for this team defensively. For a 7 footer he can really run, and he isn't a stiff either. He only played 9 minutes because of foul trouble, and I have a feeling that will be typical, but he had an impact. The only question is if he can get up to speed in time for Big East play.

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