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Greg Blair Is Expected To Be Granted A Medical Red Shirt

Not that it needs to be said, but anything regarding UC coming from Indianapolis should be taken with this much salt. Still the early word is that Greg Blair is going to get a medical red shirt for last season.

Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

To wit

Blair played in just one game last season, against Miami before having to shut it down for the season. But Jones said in his weekly presser that, and I quote.

"We received a preliminary statement that yes, he will be granted another year of eligibility but all indication is he will be back but I don't fully believe it until I see it entirely. All of the roads lead to him coming back. It's kind of a no brainer; it's pretty much a slam dunk, just some paper work. He was injured and had a year remaining eligibility wise so he had not exhausted his year of eligibility."

And there was much rejoicing. Blair has turned himself from a question mark into an unquestioned strength on defense in just 7 games. Having him back for 2013 is a massive boon to an already deep line backing group.

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