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Jon Rothstein Was At The Bearcats Practice Today

And better yet, so was his twitter account.

Michael Ivins-US PRESSWIRE

Lets get this out of the way up front. Jon Rothstein is probably my favorite read on anything college basketball. He knows the game from all angles, and is just a generally fantastic writer. He hits his points, but doesn't force them upon you which is sort of a rare thing. That style is quite a break from the Cincinnati writers who tend to lob bricks through windows to make points. To top it all off he has a twitter style that is, to say the least, distinctive. So much so that like Jason Kelce's beard, Rothstein has his own fake twitter handle.

For the last few weeks Rothstein has been traveling the country looking in on practices of teams around the country. Today he was in Clifton for the Bearcats practice, and he was tweeting up a storm.

Well covered ground, but his choice of analogy is interesting for someone with what looks like he has a 7'7" wingspan

Playing the hits keeps the fans happy

With the inclusion of David Nyarsuk and the new leaner, meaner Cheikh Mbodj the big question has shifted from finding production from the post spot to finding a scoring punch off the bench. Not a subject many have taken to, no less valid a point to make though.

Best back court in the Big East...

Perhaps Rothstein's most interesting take of the day. Looking back to last year I never would have guess that. But given Mbodj's development this off season, and going off what I saw against Grand Valley State, its entirely possible.


That is the one thing the Bearcats have not had in a long, long time. The Bearcats have lived and died, well, mostly lived on guards. To have a guy like Rubles as an option is a real luxury for the Bearcats.

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