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Its Victory Bell Time; Ding! Ding!

The Battle For The Victory Bell is already in uncharted territory coming into tonight's game. The Bearcats have won 6 straight in the series, with each win coming by, on average, 28 points per game. Both the streak, and the margin of victory therein, are records for what has been historically a very tightly contested series.

Everything on paper points to a win, and a sizable one at that, for the Bearcats. UC has an advantage in terms of overall talent and depth. But as good as the Cats have been this year, the floor for this team is low enough for Miami to jump up and pull a shocker.

Particularly with Zach Dysert pulling the strings. Dysert is capible of pulling great performances out of nothing, as he demonstrated last week pulling the only 500 yard passing/100 yard rushing performance in major college football history. The Bearcats have more talent, and a better team on paper. But crazy things have happened before in this rivalry. But its the first sellout at Nippert for this game for the first time in decades, and its a night game. I like that combination

Go Bearcats

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