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Tshumbi Johnson Commits To The Cincinnati Bearcats

Butch Jones picks up his third commitment in the last month with Immokale Florida Athlete Tshumbi Johnson.

Two things; Tshumbi Johnson is the best back yard football player ever. Seriously, ever. His offense is high school appears to be labeled "Tshumbi doing Tshumbi things." He runs around occasionally throws, occasionally runs, but always makes plays. Also his name is Tshumbi Johnson, of course he was always going to be an All Name All Star

Johnson was a South Florida commitment back in February, one of the first in the class for the Bulls. However it did not take long for Johnson to look around. He visited UC back in the summer, Louisville as well, both offered him at some point during the process. Still, he remained in the Bulls camp, though very tentatively. USF pulled his offer, and it was officially over. He may, or may not, have been singing Taylor Swift throughout the process. Once he was back on the market UC emerged as the likely destination in the last week or so, though the commitment was obviously some time in coming.

Johnson stands at 5'11" and weighs 190 or so pounds. The Bulls recruited him as a Wide Receiver, though he plays quarterback for Immokale. He would like to play QB, and apparently the staff is willing to give him a shot there, but his future is probably at receiver, maybe even running back or safety. Even without a defined and project able position, Johnson is the kind of guy you just get in the program and figure out what to do with him later.

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