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Bearcats Head To Philladelphia With One Question On Everyone's Mind

Who is the starting quarterback? We don't know now, but we will soon enough. The simple fact of the matter is that Temple is a team that UC should beat, regardless of who starts at QB.

Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

The Owls have performed much better than expected, but they are still in over their heads in the Big East. They are 2-3, but the two wins have come against UConn and South Florida, by far the two worst teams in the conference. No stat signifies that better than this. In five conference games the Owls have been out gained by 126 yards, per game.

They play hard, they make plays in special teams and they practice a physical brand of Football, none of which helps them escape the simple fact that they are out manned at nearly every position. This is a game where Mike Bajakian can pile the offense on the shoulders of George Winn and the offensive line and let them carry UC to victory.

But the win is of secondary importance. Getting the QB position sorted is a must, and that means Brendon Kay. Rutgers comes to town after this week and will almost certainly be ranked. A convincing win from UC today and the Bearcats have a great chance to get back into the polls setting up a ranked showdown at Nippert stadium. Thats next week though, and this week its the Owls.

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