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Butch Jones "Legaux and Kay will battle it out"

Brendon Kay came off the bench to lead the Bearcats to a win over Syracuse. But it might not be enough for Kay to get the job.

Andy Lyons

The one refrain that has echoed about Butch Jones, and his staff is that they place a huge emphasis on how players practice. They place a premium on practice performance to the degree that a player, no matter how talented, will not play if he doesn't practice well. With that in mind this quote is not surprising.

But that doesn't make that quote any more correct. Munchie might have given this team the best chance to win at one point, he no longer does, regardless of how well he plays in practice.

After the Toledo game the coaching staff effectively put the game up for grabs. Whoever played the best in practice would play against Louisville. Munchie wasn't just better that week, he was way better. It didn't quite work out.

I am not sure at what point the game performance begins to overwhelm what the coaches see day to day, but haven't we reached that point? Munchie's passer rating for the last three games is 86. 86. Thats an appropriate number to end a QB era.

By phrasing it this way Butch Jones assured himself of another chaotic week of preparation.

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