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Butch Jones Throws Another Name In The QB Mix

Jordan Luallen has been a QB in name only with the Bearcats. He is the wildcat QB, and as such he has attempted 5 passes. That didn't stop Butch Jones from throwing his name in the QB ring with Munchie Legaux and Brendon Kay.

“Yes, he’ll be in there. If he is not the starting quarterback you will see his role continue to increase. As the games progress, he did a great job of providing the spark and energy level to us. His role continues to expand in our quarterback position and our entire offense.”

To what end Butch? The Wildcat package has become more, and more prominent since the Miami game, but it hasn't been very effective. That was until the Syracuse game when Luallen carried six times 32 yards. Luallen will, apparently, continue to get more snaps this week.

I could be completely wrong, but my read on all of this is that Jones and Mike Bajakian are playing out the string with this batch of quarterbacks. They need to find a way to get production from the position this season with some combination of these three players. Next year the offensive brain trust will hand it over to the next generation of QB's in the program like Bennie Coney, Trenton Norvell and Patrick Coyne.

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