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Show Your Fanthropology

We are all a little bit crazy, us Bearcat fans. It is a choice, a deeply personal choice, to follow the Red and Black. A choice that has led many a Cincinnati fan on an adventure, or pushed them near to making decisions that might, one day, be regretted. But that's what being a fan is about.


With that in mind I'd like to introduce you to the Hyundai Fanthropolophy Sweepstakes. You have surely noticed that Hyundai has taken a rather aggressive interest in college football this season. From sponsoring the college football page on SB Nation, a series of college football themed commercials. Now Hyundai is offering you the chance to go to the game of your choosing just for sharing a story about what makes your fandom unique. For example.

During the 2009 season I was working at CRC on campus. In many respects it was a great job. In one respect it was terrible. Saturday night shifts. Nearly every game that season took place at night. The conundrum was simple. I was not missing a game, under any circumstances. But unexcused absences were fire able offenses. Thus began a three month long game of cat and employee calling off work without cause and hoping not to get caught and or fired. I know, not the catchiest of titles.

Among the myriad of excuses used, two weddings, a funeral, flu, grandmother fell down the stairs and is in the hospital, car won't start (I lived one block off campus), cousin back from being stationed in Okinowa and lastly my sister is getting married, (which is much funnier now that my sister is actually getting married tomorrow). I am not proud of any of this, but I have no doubt that I made the right decision. I just hope that Sean, my former boss, and current professional reference, isn't reading this now. It could cause some complications.

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