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Cincinnati Bearcats Link Jump Off | February 10th

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Please excuse the shoddy build quality of this jump off. There is a reason I usually do these at night. Basically think of it like a Masaratti, beautiful to look at, terrible to own.


Cracked Sidewalks: Cincinnati grabs 48% offensive rebounds tonight in tune-up for showdown that could determine if they or MU get crucial double bye

Both sound great. But if Yancy Gates plays like he did tonight (6 of 8 field goals and 5 offensive rebounds in only 21 minutes for the 76-54 blowout at St. John’s) and Gardner is still out, the Bearcats could pull the upset and alter the entire forecast for the season.

Yet another game where Yancy Gates has a huge advantage in the interior

Seniors help Marquette rebound from loss, beat DePaul - JSOnline
Last time out the Golden Eagles blitzed the DePaul Blue Demons 89-76 on the road. Darius Johnson-Odom lead the way, as per usual, with 23 points. Four other Eagles joined him in double figures.

Are You Ready For National Marquette Day? - Anonymous Eagle
The better question bearcat fans is did you know such a thing existed? I didn't.

It looks like it'll be Team 3 again Saturday - JSOnline

"I don’t know if Davante is a post player," said Williams. "I just think he’s a really fat guy that can score the ball. How he progresses between now and Saturday will determine whether he plays. "There’s a slim chance (he will play).

Buzz Williams is just a delight

Breaking Down the Marquette Golden Eagles Part One / Bearcats Nation

Revisiting The Brawl

Xavier Musketeers Tu Holloway finds it difficult to restore image, game after brawl -- College Basketball - ESPN

NCB - Will the Xavier-Cincinnati rivalry survive its ugly brawl? - ESPN The Magazine - ESPN

Both of those a good reads and worth your time. I still don't know what to make of them. The piece from the mag is a great read, but I am not entirely sure what the conclusion was/is