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Cincinnati Bearcats At Marquette Golden Eagles | Three Keys

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Yancy Gates

This is the exact same point that was made before the St. John's game, but it's still valid. Marquette is currently playing without posts. Chris Otule and Devante Gardner are both out. Outule is out for the year, Gardner has just been out for the last four games. Without those two guys MU has no one who they can throw at Yancy Gates with realistic expectations of getting good minutes defensively.

Yancy is going to have a massive advantage over whoever they throw at him in the size/strength department. There is a slight chance that Gardner could play. But from everything I have read and heard if he does play his effectiveness will be limited if he does play. Regardless this is a match up that is in UC's favor.

Make It Rain

Marquette is an OK defensive team. Their stats aren't great because they prefer to play the game at a faster pace. That being said one defensive weakness that the Bearcats are basically built to exploit is three point defense. They are 12th in the conference allowing opposition teams in conference play to make 34 per cent of their three point attempts. The Bearcats take and make more three pointers than anyone else in the conference on a per game basis. That is something that the Bearcats can exploit.

Cashmere Wright vs. Junior Cadougan

The game will turn on this match up. Or at least it should barring crazy things happening. And crazy things always happen in UC Marquette match ups. Cadougan is the type of guard that Cash has struggled with in the past because he is so big and strong. Cadougan will have 30 pounds on Wright. Cash needs to counter that with his quickness and speed, both of which he has the advantage over Cadougan in. But most of all Cash needs to make good decisions, particularly with his shot selection which is erratic at best. A big game from Cash is a must