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Cincinnati Bearcats Link Jump Off | February 12th

We have all had a nice long weekend to but The DERP behind us. Right? Right. So how about some Baseball?

Excitement builds for University of Cincinnati Bearcats' baseball season | |

"The thing that will hook you when you come out, and will get you to come back, is the players," Cleary said. "The brand of play, the hustle, the sweat. That’s what people most remark to me about. If you love baseball, you’re going to love watching these guys play."

Q&A with University of Cincinnati baseball coach Brian Cleary | |

What we want to do is make this the school of choice for the elite players in Cincinnati and Ohio, and where we can’t fill our needs with those kids, we go out and get elite players from around the country. I want those kids to come to UC and see a full stadium, to read about us in the paper, and know they don’t have to travel anywhere else to have a great major college baseball experience. We’re getting closer and closer to doing that."

I suppose this would be a good time to mention that I know nothing about Baseball, professional or collegiate, and that if you, dear reader, have an interest in baseball and want to cover the Bearcats you are more than welcome to join the team. Advert over.

OK, now we do basketball


Cincinnati Bearcats look to get well at home | |

For the record, according to Williams, it wasn’t quite that easy. The Marquette coach estimated that the Golden Eagles ran at least three plays. The rest of the time they were freewheeling up and down the court, shooting layups with an occasional 3-pointer mixed in. UC was at a loss to find a way to slow them down.

The lack of structure is a legitimate concern. The Bearcats have struggled with teams who just kind of roll the ball out there. Go back and look at the Providence game from last year for an example. Or even DePaul for another one. I don't really know what the fix is.

Marquette 95, Cincinnati 78: 3 Minutes of Basketball, 37 Minutes of Epic Fail

[...]UC is all about ball-control on offense and 14 total turnovers killed them today. Most importantly, Marquette turned those into points. 25 of them to be exact which was nearly one-quarter of their total scoring. That’s just terrible.

(Nods head)

Business As Usual: #19/18 Marquette 95, Cincinnati 78 - Anonymous Eagle

I'm preaching to the choir here, but: It continues to be amazing to watch Darius Johnson-Odom constantly adjust his body while going to the rim. He always gets himself enough speed and height on the jump to give him the maximum opportunity to make the best shot when he's expecting and/or receiving contact. His body control in the air is, in a word, FILTHY.

DJO is a massive matchup nightmare, for everyone, but really for the Bearcats in particular

Eagles Celebrate Marquette Day by Beating the Brakes Off Bearcats | February
Dumpster Fire


Second Annual Playdate With The Bearcats A Big Hit - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site

Nearly 500 people, including University of Cincinnati head football coach Butch Jones and 120 student-athletes from all of the Bearcats' programs, were on hand Sunday to celebrate the Mitch's Mission Second Annual Playdate With The Bearcats at UC's Campus Recreation and Wellness Center.

Other Bearcat News

Georgieva Making Home For Herself In United States - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site

Georgieva grew up in the city of Varna, Bulgaria, a tourist town on the coast of the Black Sea. The third-largest city in the country, Varna is much like the Midwest of the United States from a weather standpoint and because of its proximity to the Black Sea; it's a haven for tourists during the summer months. It is also the setting for the beginning of Georgieva's tennis career which began at an early age.

I got away for school. Kristina Georgieva really got away for school. 5,000 miles away in fact.

Game Balls & Player Ratings: Pitt Panthers - Cincinnati Bearcats

First home win in the BIG EAST this season? Check. First victory over Pitt since March 16, 2000? Check. The most wins under head coach Jamelle Elliott? Check. The Cincinnati Bearcats (13-12, 4-8) extended their winning streak to two and reached several team goals yesterday with a 62-57 victory over the Pitt Panthers (8-16, 0-11) from Fifth Third Arena

Track Wraps Day One At Hoosier Hills Invitational - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site

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