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Cincinnati Bearcats Link Jump Off | February 15th

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Ten things you don't know about . . . Cashmere Wright | |

After being recruited by more than 50 colleges, Wright chose Clemson in February of his junior year. He soon decommitted, though, setting off a firestorm of texts and phone calls that would run his phone bill to nearly $500 in the month before he settled on UC in August of 2007.

Somehow I forgot that this happened

Cincinnati Returns Home to Play Providence - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site

The University of Cincinnati returns home to play host to Providence on Wednesday. The game starts at 9 p.m. ET and will be televised by ESPNU and ESPN3 and can be heard on 700 WLW-AM.

It is a godsend to play the four of the last six in Fifth Third. The road trips are to Villanova and South Florida

UC in Bracketology | Bearcats Blog
All the takes on Cincinnati and the Big Dance that you could ever want.

Providence Game Notes (PDF)

Football Stuff

2012 NFL Draft: Pro day dates coming in - Mocking The Draft
The Bearcats Pro Day this is is the 2nd of March, which is odd for two reasons. One it's way earlier than usual. Most years it is closer to the end of March or early April. The other thing is that UC is the only school with a pro day on the 2nd. That guarantees a pretty big turnout from the scouts. That doesn't matter as much for Isaiah Pead, Derek Wolfe and John Hughes who will be at the combine. But for guys like Alex Hoffman, J.K. Schaffer, Randy Martinez and Adrien Robinson who are all trying to work their way up to a lower round having that many eyes is beneficial.

Episode 8: Inside the Bearcats Podcast - Cincinnati Bearcats

I caught up with my predecessor and current national NFL blogger for, Josh Katzowitz. Josh wrote Bearcats Rising -- which is still in stores and available for purchase today. His second book is coming out this July. It is on innovator of the passing game and former UC football coach, Sid Gilman.

I need to pre order that on Amazon. Josh is an amazing writer and Bearcats Rising is a must read for all Bearcats

Coach Jones Conducts Master Class At CCM - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site

Other Bearcat News

Bearcats Set For BIG EAST Swimming Championships - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site

The University of Cincinnati men's and women's swimming teams traveled to Western Pennsylvania yesterday to compete in the BIG EAST Conference Swimming Championships Wednesday through Saturday at Trees Pool on the University of Pittsburgh campus.

Bearcats Look To Make Impact In 2012 - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site

The University of Cincinnati women's lacrosse season begins at San Diego State on Friday and according to fifth-year head coach Lellie Swords, fans can expect great things from the Bearcats this year.

Conference Movements In D Minor

Parting Words For John Marinatto And The Big East - The Smoking Musket

There are rumors that a separation of BCS conference schools and non-BCS schools is a possibility. However real those rumors are isn't really important. It just points to a bigger picture of change. And if you're not positioning yourself for that possibility, you're going to be left without a seat when the music stops. I don't want that. Our fans don't want that. And our administrators, thankfully, are focused on it. Hats off to Oliver Luck and Jim Clements for being aggressive and pulling this move off despite the Big East's best efforts to stop them.

So WVU fans are pretty excited but UC fans should be too.

UC will receive share of West Virginia settlement money | UC Athletics Blog

"I would have liked to see them stay in the conference period, but especially for one more year. For about the last month, we kind of saw this coming. West Virginia was just bound and determined to go. They weren’t staying under any circumstances. I don’t love the fact that they’re leaving."

The other interesting bit from this is that the additional money from the Big East TV contract's renegotiation this fall (or the increased TV revenue from joining the Big 12 if you believe the rumors) will most likely be earmarked for renovation and expansion of Nippert and/or Fifth Third Arena. And keep at mind that the Big East's next TV is thought to be a blockbuster relative to the current arrangement. Most current projections are in the 12 to 15 million per year on the low end of the range. The Big East's rights are the last of the BCS conferences to be renegotiated and NBC is said to be very interested in securing the Big East as an anchor for their new sports network, formerly versus.

Speaking of the Big 12

Guest Post: Cincinnati Does Belong in the Big 12 - Clones Confidential - An Iowa State Cyclones Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion, and more.

Overall the University of Cincinnati is a prized addition to any conference. But I’m not going to sit here and dismiss some of UC’s warts. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies with the Bearcats as I’ll fully admit that I wish the job of head football coach wasn’t a jumping off point for ambitions men to take gigs elsewhere with programs in more established conferences. UC certainly doesn’t help itself by historically paying its coaches in the bottom half of the Big East and the Bearcats aren’t exactly the most storied football program. But Cincinnati is located in the 35th largest media market in the US, boasts 3 Big East Championships in just 7 years of play, a student body 41,000-strong, and a 65,000-seat stadium in which to play games against bigger opponents.

The logic behind all of the Cincinnati Big 12 talk

The End Of Sabanball: Details, Barbarians, And Precision -

Every other game follows a similar pattern. Alabama snuffs out the run game entirely. Since 2008, opponents have gained an average of 83.64 rushing yards a game against the Alabama defense. Do not use them all at once, no matter how hungry you are, because that is all you get. LSU averaged 202 yards a game in 2011, and got 79 yards total in the title game. Everyone dies. Once they eliminate the run, the pain begins. The defense knows your pass routes, because they are taught to pattern-read and pattern-read very well. Even with top-25 talent, their pass rush contains better developed, better-coached athletes than yours. What your quarterback actually gets out of his hand is batted away, thrown harmlessly underneath for two yards, or caught by someone wearing a Crimson Tide jersey. You might get sacked. If you don't fumble, smile! That is considered a good result here.

Alabama Foootball is not fun to watch. Thats the general message here.