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Cincinnati Bearcats Link Jump Off | February 23rd

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Louisville Game

Rick Pitino, Russ Smith and Chane Behanan Discuss Important Matters...Like Russ Smith - Card Chronicle

If you ever watched Russ in practice, you wouldn't even consider putting him in the game. He is one of the worst practice players you will ever coach in your life. He doesn't dog it in practice, but he does things that you couldn't even imagine. It might be 1-on-5 on a fast-break in practice, and he thinks, "advantage, Russ." The other guys can't believe it, but that's Russ. You just gotta reel him in a little bit, talk to him nice, tell him how much you love him.

UofL @ Cincinnati Game Preview - Card Chronicle

This is a very similar situation to our trip to Cincinnati last season. We were pretty comfortably sitting in the NCAA tournament around the same seed range we sit in currently, while the Bearcat’s were fighting to get themselves on the right side of the bubble.

The similarities are rather eery. Last years match up took place 7 days earlier in February last year. Other points stand.

Previewing the Red Hot Louisville Cardinals

- Peyton Siva (#3) vs. Cashmere Wright: It’s point guard vs. point guard as these two juniors hook up once again. They know each other very well but Cash it seems has gotten the better of Siva statistically over the past few years. Both run their respective offenses and are built very similarly but Siva is much more turnover-prone than his counterpart. His 1.7 assist/turnover ratio (253rd nationally) is horrible for a starting point guard and he gets into foul trouble quite frequently (over 3 per game). On the flip side, Cash’s assist/turnover ratio is a solid 2.0 and he very rarely gets into foul trouble (2 per game). Hopefully this trend continues Thursday night.

These are two point guard dominated teams. More to the point these are two teams that are at their best when the Point man is playing well

Louisville basketball's Chane Behanan was almost a Cincinnati Bearcat | The Courier-Journal |

Gates, a senior forward for Cincinnati, got the better of Behanan’s team while at Withrow High School. "That was a big rivalry every time we played against each other," Behanan said. "Me and him always went head-to-head and I mean, I never beat him so hopefully that will change."

Lets hope that doesn't change today no?

Football Stuff

Big East spring preview - Big East Blog - ESPN

Man in the middle. Linebacker J.K. Schaffer has been the heart of this defense for the past three seasons, getting more than 100 tackles in each of those three campaigns. So who fills his shoes? That is one of the biggest position battles to watch for the Bearcats. Dwight Jackson, Greg Blair, Solomon Tentman and Kevin Hyland are all in the mix this spring.

Replacing the leadership of Schaffer will be a much tougher task than his production. UC's defensive line will be excellent again next year, even losing John Hughes and Derek Wolfe

Big East enters a whole new world - Big East Blog - ESPN

Rutgers, meanwhile, returns nearly everybody on a defense that ranked No. 1 in the Big East, including Big East Co-Defensive Player of the Year Khaseem Greene. It took 11 years, but former coach Greg Schiano got this program in position to compete for its first league championship. More eyes may be on Rutgers this spring, though, because there is a new coach, Kyle Flood and perhaps a little more uncertainty about the future than there was in December.

The notion of Rutgers being near the top of the list in the BIg East is hilarious. If Rutgeres couldn't get it done with the same talent and Greg Schiano what makes anyone think that Kyle Flood will get them over the hump.

Big East position rankings: LB - Big East Blog - ESPN

Preseason ranking: 8.


Temple Reactions


In conclusion, a strong Temple recognizes its weaknesses and limitations. We lack the football pedigree of other institutions. Attendance has been a struggle. Our winners receive no shimmering piece of the Aggro-Crag. This temple still has legends left in it, though, and I intend to see them all shown before a live studio audience.

You can always count on Spencer Hall to remind you of things that you have long since forgotten. In this case Legends of the Hidden Temple which was an after school staple of mine for years.

Report: Temple In Talks To Join The Big East In All Sports As Early As 2012 - Big East Coast Bias

it doesn't hurt that Temple is located in one of the largest television markets in America.

That's about all they bring to the table.

Randy Edsall LOL

At Edsall’s Maryland, loose lips skin cats – Campus Union

The guy has been fileted plenty in the press and on the message boards over the past couple weeks; piling on too enthusiastically at this point would be unseemly. But consider that Edsall is in grave danger of making James "Not Men Of Integrity" Franklin into a sympathetic figure in this, and take care to remember the parties who really deserved better in this case: Danny O’Brien, his Terp castaway teammates and all other student athletes, present and future, who want to seek their fortunes elsewhere.

shots fired

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