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Cincinnati Bearcats 76 St. John's 54 | Box Scorin

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Box Score | Cincinnati Bearcats | St. John's

My number one key heading into this game was a simple one. Knocking down shots. In the last match up the Bearcats got good looks with regularity, but they struggled to make those looks. No issues there. UC made 54.5 per cent of their 2's and 43.8 from 3. Given where the offense was idling for most of the past two weeks those numbers are positively extraordinary.

UC had a clear advantage in terms of depth and, for once, size. That resulted in an unexpected, by me at least, advantage in rebounding. The Bearcats were +20 on the class which is far and away the best rebounding margin on the season. And its always a good thing to grab 16 offensive boards. The Bearcats shooting and their ability to close out possessions on defense ensured that this game was never really close.

Three Lines

Gold Star Line

Sean Kilpatrick: This was arguably the best game of the season for Kilptrick because he did a little bit of everything. He wasn't just a scorer. He grabbed rebounds (8 of them in total, 2 offensive) he distributed the ball (4 assists, 3 turnovers) he played good defense all night long (1 steal) and was in cruise control for most of the game offensively. But when the Johnies cut the lead to 8 early in the second half Kila unleashed a 10 point barrage by getting to the hole, working the mid range game and as always, hitting the three. 4 straight possessions, 4 straight buckets and Kila put the game to bed.

Silver Star Line

Yancy Gates: Another great performance from Gates who put it all on display. He was a board shy of his 8th double double of the season. He had 14 points on 75 per cent shooting, pulled in 9 boards 4 of them offensive and he prowled the middle of the defense and was generally a pain in the ass of the Johnies guards on their drives. He had a block and a steal as well.

Bronze Star Line

Cheikh Mbodj: By far Mbodj's best game of his career as a Bearcats. Short career, I know. Mbodj played 16 minutes, scored 4 points showing of a nifty sky hook of the block in the process, grabbed 5 rebounds (1 offensive), had an assist (and a turnover) but the cherry on top was his 5 blocks which is a team high in Big East play.*

* Kelvin Gaines had 7 against Chicago State

What jumped out at you in the stats from last night?

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