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Who Wants To Go To The Final Four? I Do, That's Who


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One of the coolest things about having Down The Drive be a part of the SB Nation family is that every once and a while we all get presented with grand opportunities.This is just such an opportunity. If all of our wildest dreams come true and the Bearcats make it to New Orleans Buick will pay for my plane fare, a Buick to drive once there, a hotel to sleep in and access to Buick branded activities, of which I am sure there are several. That of course means that Down The Drive will have someone on the ground if the Bearcats make history and head to the Big Easy.

Sometimes its good to be a winning side. This humble blogger is and with any luck every Bearcat fan will be as well. And we will be there on the ground should that happen.

Also check out the exclusive Buick-NCAA Team Badge application found on which allows college basketball fans to post a college-specific March Madness badge on their profile to show support for their team.