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Cincinnati Bearcats and Florida State Gameday Links

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Saturday notes from Nashville | |

Asked where he thought his shot was heading into tonight’s game, Kilpatrick said, "On a scale of 1 to 10? From yesterday’s game, I say a six. By tomorrow, it’ll be a 10. Today in practice my shot was falling. Everything was falling back into place."

Kila has to get it going for UC to play into the second weekend. His three point shooting can really elevate the offensive performance against the Seminoles who are very good defending the three point line.

Paul Daugherty: It's never a foregone conclusion with the Cincinnati Bearcats | |

"Earlier in the season, I wouldn’t have shot that’’ jumper, Gates allowed after Cincinnati’s 65-59 win. Really? Gates has shot lots of jumpers, this year and last. Too many, actually, for a player of his size and ability near the basket.

Talking Florida State with Michael Rogner of Tomahawk Nation | March

Florida St has a top 20 defense. What do they do defensively to give opposing teams fits? Coach Hamilton recruits players with next-level size and athleticism (and raw offensive games) in order to run his defense. They mix up their defense for each opponent, but it always involves ball pressure 30' from the basket, and a collapsing D that aims to take away the paint. And like any good defense, they play the game with extreme effort.

That sounds familiar...

Cincinnati Bearcats and the art of stealing possessions | March

In this play, Gates (circled) is shooting a short jumper. Texas (blue arrows) has three players in position for the defensive board. But rebounding is a man's game. Watch Jaquon Parker (red arrow).

If you are at all a fan of my film study posts from the Football season you should check this out. Same concept with Basketball

Florida State Cincinnati NCAA Tournament: Florida State faces quick turnaround vs. Cincinnati in NCAA Tournament -

FSU's three losses in the last 19 games came when teams shot better than 40 percent from deep.

Not to belabor the point but making threes is a must to advance

Smaller UC sees tough opponent in Florida State | |

"I’m concerned with their physicality," Cronin said. "They’re the best screening team I’ve seen all year. They rattle your bones with their screens. We can’t let run their set plays against us and screen us because it’s like body blows after awhile. We’ve got to take them out of it. We’ve got to get them out of their system."

I am expecting every screen to get blitzed. FSU is not a team that is good handling the ball. They turn the ball over a very high clip and they often play without an true point guard. Turning them over shouldn't be hard if the averages hold.

Florida State can't afford slow start against Cincinnati | The Republic

Q&A with the Bearcats Blog - Tomahawk Nation

Breaking Down the 3rd Round Matchup of #6 Cincinnati vs. #3 Florida State

FSU Cincinnati Preview Podcast
From The Tallahassee Democrat

Cincinnati preparing for tough Florida State defense with trip to Sweet 16 on its mind - The Washington Post
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