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Washington Court House Ohio The Center Of The College Basketball World (Geographically Speaking)

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Have you ever been to Washington Court House? It's a strange question to ask at a time like this. But in a way that sleepy little town halfway between Cincinnati and Columbus is the geographic center of the Basketball world right now. Much ink has already been spilled on the Ohio Centric nature of the tournament's first weekend. Four Ohio based universities sent schools to the big dance and all of them will be dancing next weekend. Its a remarkable feat. It has never happened before, which is something that I find more amazing than Ohio being the state to do it first.

Now is the point where I should probably come clean on something. I am a geography nerd. Have been since I was a little kid. I spend far too much time on Google earth and have been known to while away the hours of long trips by simply looking at atlases. I am not particularly proud of any of this but it is what it is.

So I obviously can't help but notice that 7 of the teams in the sweet 16 exist within a roughly 300 mile diameter circle centered over Washington Court House. Cincinnati, Ohio State, Ohio and Xavier are obvious. But Indiana, Kentucky and Louisville are also right there. That's another thing that I am not entirely sure has ever happened in the tournament before. But I could be wrong on that.