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Battle of I-71 Gamethread

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Four nearly nauseating days of build up are in the books. The long awaited tournament recap is nearly upon us. I am stoked for this match up. Everyone is stoked about this game. As well they should be. A trip to the elite 8 is at stake. If that wasn't enough there is 50 years of bad blood and mixed messages and understandings. Those 50 years will have no impact on this game. But it is one of many storylines will be played out tonight. And I couldn't be more excited about it. Charts and gamethread are on offer after the jump. As ever, Go Bearcats

26-10 29-7
Tip off 9:45 (Aprox)
TV/Radio CBS/700 WLW
Starters Starters
Yancy Gates F Jared Sullinger
JaQuon Parker G/F Deshaun Thomas
Sean Kilpatrick G William Buford
Dion Dixon G Lenzelle Smith Jr.
Cashmere Wright G Aaron Craft