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Cincinnati Bearcats Links Jump Off | March 28th

The Bearcats 2014 game with Illinois will be played at Soldier Field in Chicago. Win, win as far as I am concerned. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)
The Bearcats 2014 game with Illinois will be played at Soldier Field in Chicago. Win, win as far as I am concerned. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)
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I subconsciously overlooked the future opponent angle when the Bearcats Football schedule was released yesterday. This year's schedule has been discussed ad nasuem both here and in other places as well. And it has seemed to bubble up a host of reactions of the generous and significantly less than generous varieties. One thing that went over looked by me was the future schedule component.

Next season UC will open hosting Purdue, vs Northwestern State, At Illinois and at Miami (oh). The 2014 slate includes home games against Stony Brook, Toledo and Miami (oh) and a trip to Ohio State. 2015 only includes, for the moment, road games against Miami (oh) and probation riddled Miami.

I like next years schedule particularly the Illinois game which is being moved to Solider Field in Chicago. I'd like to see another BCS team added for 2015, not a real top end blue blood, but something of a Mississippi genus would be lovely-

Staying with Football Shannon Morrison officially on the staff and he seems to be off and running. Though it's hard to really tell from an interview with Tommy G. I am not going to lie I remain somewhat ambivalent about Morrison's ability as an X's and O's guy. He has work before with Mark Snyder and that is a positive check in his favor. And he actually coached defensive backs at the college level before which is more than can be said about the guy who had the position before him. All that considered I don't think anyone is in a rush to judge his apprenticeship as "impressive".

Still what matters most about assistants But where he should really be able to make an impact is on the recruiting trail, [particularly in Memphis, but throughout the south. The Bearcats had to make two additions to the staff this off season and from a recruiting perspective I think UC knocked it out of the park with Roy Manning and now Morrison. Both of whom are young guys, particularly Manning, who should be able to build good relationships with high school kids and coaches, which is what recruiting is all about-

A playoff is coming! A playoff is coming!
And chances are really high that everyone is going to hate it. That's for the simple reason that the change isn't coming from a groundswell of support for a playoff among college football fans. If it was then it would have happened, at the very least, at the last contract negotiations. But it didn't.

The system that we will wind up with when the contract is signed and goes into effect is basically an attempt by the power brokers in the sport to give the people what they want. Namely the illusion of a fair and impartial system whereby everyone has a "fair" chance to win a championship. This is known is less cynical circles as the "Plus One." At the same time nothing about the system is actually going to change. The power brokers in the sport are merely co opting the issue so that they remain at the levers of power within the sport. On paper the new system will be fairer, but the outcomes aren't going to change much at all.-

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