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Guest Spot | Previewing Todays Georgetown Game With Casual Hoya

Otto Porter got jobbed, Georgetown fan's aren't happy about it. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-US PRESSWIRE
Otto Porter got jobbed, Georgetown fan's aren't happy about it. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-US PRESSWIRE

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Today we turn to the good folks over at Casual Hoya to learn just what has been going on with the Hoya's

Care to rant about Otto Porter and the All Rookie Team?

Otto Porter not being named to the Big East All-Rookie Team is lewd, lascivious, salacious, outrageous! Porter is clearly one of the top freshmen in the league, and probably one of the top four. This isn't a homer thing either, as Jason King of ESPN felt that Porter was not only one of the better freshmen, but was the Big East freshman OF THE YEAR. Having said all that, if the snub means Otto is now playing with a chip on his shoulder, and judging by his career high against Pitt he just might be, then it is the best possible thing that could have happened. At the end of the day no one will remember Porter not being named to the All Rookie Team as a freshman, especially when he's Big East Player of the Year as a sophomore. Aw shit, I just went there.

Is it as weird having your starting posts be your leading assist men as it seems in my head?

Not really. The way our offense works, the bigs like Henry Sims will always get the ball in position to make plays at the top of the key, so the assists shall follow. Our offense doesn't work if we have big that can't pass (LIKE ALL OF YOUR GOONS FOR EXAMPLE), which is why Georgetown under JT3 has had a rich tradition of passing tall folk like Roy Hibbert, Greg Monroe and now Sims.

What is the biggest reason for the success of the defense this season. Length, depth, athletic ability, all of the above?

All of it fo shizzle. The biggest difference with this team than in years' past is that this version can run an effective zone with its perimeter length, can play solid man to man as each is his own above-average defender, and importantly these Hoyas get back in transition due to their athleticism. Greg Whittington, for example, seems to quash a couple of fastbreak chances each game since he can fly from one end of the court to the other in like five steps.

How far can this Hoya team go in the tournament

I assume you mean the NCAA Tournament and not the Wii boxing tourney I've got going on at the Casual Compound. Regarding the former, I think this group can go pretty far as the Hoyas can dictate tempo and slug it out against any opponent in the land. However, I just want to get past the first round, you feel me? (Omar voice) It doesn't make much practical sense, but I think getting past the 1st round will give this group a lot of confidence, and then anything can happen based on matchups.

Which team gets to have an awkward moment with John Marrinatto Saturday

Aren't all moments with Marinatto awkward? If it can't be Georgetown, I hope it's one of the true hoops schools since basketball is the foundation for the Big East. I'm glad that Pitt and WVU are already gone, and that one of Cuse and UConn won't be there at the end either. You guys are OK, I guess. And if Yancy throws a haymaker at him that would be way awesome.

Who makes the final four and who wins it all in the Big Easy

I think Kansas was the best team Georgetown played all season and they're going to be a tough out in the Dance with Robinson and Taylor. Clearly Kentucky has all that rented talent, Missouri is going to be tough to guard and I like what I've seen out of Lehigh so far in the Patriot League. I'll go with Kansas for now since I have a feeling Kentucky is going to have one of those games where they face an experienced team that is able to contain its athleticism and forces them into taking a bunch of bad shots. In fact, I think Georgetown can cause Kentucky a lot of problems.

Lastly who plays Syracuse tomorrow and why?

We do, because according to #RevengeTour2K12 it is our destiny. Cincy is a good, tough, physical team, but the first game at Verizon got away from JT3 when he unfathomably didn't go zone against Kilpatrick and Dixon. Our zone is brutal now, and y'all are going to have to shoot your way out of it. I think Sims gets Gates into foul trouble early, and Jason Clark and Hollis Thompson have bounce back games after combining for just 10 points against Pitt. Hoyas 67 - Bearcats 61. Book it.


Thanks again to the good folks over at Casual Hoya for taking the time for this little Q&A situation. By this time my responses to their queries should be up as well so head on over to Casual Hoya and check it out. Once again its Casual Hoya.