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Yancy Gates Leads Bearcats to a 72-70 Double OT Win Over Georgetown


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It took four years but Bearcats everywhere finally got the monster of our dreams what a game for Yancy Gates. The big man was unstoppable on the glass and on the block all night now. He and the Hoya's Henry Sims waged the an old school battle down the stretch. For the last 20 minutes of game time I became convinced that I had entered into a time warp to 1975 where every thing was sloppy, nothing looked flashy and the big men ruled the day. Gates did it all for the Bearcats today and he played his biggest at the biggest moments.

But some words also need to be directed to Cashmere Wright who's running off balance runner in the lane that banked home exercised some runner demons of the Bearcats own. I think you know the shot of which I speak. No rest for the weary though as the Orange are up next. That's all I got for right now Bearcats. Go enjoy the win.

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