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Cincinnati Bearcats Link Jump Off | April 16th

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The original plan for today was to run down all the happenings from the Spring Game with a little bit of commentary. Since the spring game was canceled (or moved inside) depending on whether or not you were allowed to watch it that is obviously out the window. There will be a couple of posts in the coming days taking stock of all that happened this Spring. But that will come later, now there is some actual news.

The date for Chris Obekpa's visit to Oregon is set and it will take place from the 22nd through the 24th of April. It is presumed that a decision will come quickly after that visit and he will sign sometime thereafter. Most observers think that the Ducks are a long shot for Obekpa and that UC is still the most likely destination for the Nigerian. But if there is one school that is capible of blowing a kids mind with their facilities and general vibe it is Oregon (see: Matthew Knight Arena). Keep your fingers crossed Bearcats--

Video(s) of Interest

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Butch Jones wrapping up Spring Ball with the interview...Sights and sounds from the kids camp on Saturday... Baseball beat Notre Dame Sunday it was just the second Big East win of the season...The Lacrosse team fell at Rutgers they are still looking for their first Big East win of the year...The women's tennis team also fell in their season ending contest with Marshall...Photo Gallery from Saturday...Bearcats Blog is running down this Basketball season's performances and here is Cashmere Wright's...Yoga is bullshit or at least the guy behind the movement is